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Displaying Your Photos

To Frame or Not to Frame…Amazing photos deserve an equally amazing display—but that doesn’t have to mean a traditional frame.

There are so many new and creative options out there to display your beautiful photos and through my vendor you can showcase your portraits in a fun unique way. Whether it’s a traditional frame with hand-cut matting, shadow box or float frames, we can expertly guide you to the right fit for your images.


Looking for something truly sleek, chic, and modern? Try going frameless! Canvas gallery wraps, image blocks, standout mounts and other creative prints still showcase your photos beautifully but offer a modish spin that goes perfectly with more contemporary décor.

Canvas gallery wraps are always a favorite. They are a fantastic way of turning any image into a stunning work of art impressing any visitor. Be careful of those – when it comes to buying a canvas print, quality may not come cheap. To have truly stunning canvas prints, it’s important to do your research. There are great companies out there that offer “canvas” prints and while they may display as canvas, the product is not true canvas fabric and will feel plastic like to the touch Printing companies who offer real canvas fabric prints will hand stretch your print onto wooden frames and the print will be soft to the touch.

There are also many new options for printing the edges. Standard Gallery wrapped canvases use the entire image and wraps it around the wooden frame, Stretched Gallery wrapped canvas will digitally stretch the boarders of your image by capturing a thin piece of the outside edge of your image to fill the wrapped area of your canvas. Personally, I use the digital stretched option on all my canvases. I like having the illusion of the image being stretched on the sides but I would rather see the whole image on the face of the canvas than wrapped around the edges.


What if you want the dimensional look canvas give but don’t want to pay the price? Try a standout mount! This is more than half the price of canvas, gives the depth of canvas and eliminates the need for frame! Not only do they provide a modern, streamlined look to your prints, but they come ready to display! With Standout Mounts, your prints will pop off the wall and truly stand out. You can even hang with easy command strips for a strong hold and no damage to your walls! While the image does not wrap around the edges like canvas, you can choose many different colors for the edge. My vendor offers black, white, wood, or tan edging with black being my personal favorite.



Want to take your décor game to the next level? Try a metal print to display your picture on the wall or on a shelf. My vendor infuses dye directly into a specialized coated aluminum creating an exceptional image that gleams! This is especially beautiful on a white base that provides beautiful skin tones! Their process acts as a tough barrier, protecting against UV rays (so no fading), scratches and dirt! Whip these clean without fear of ruining the image!



Still looking or another stunning way to display your prints? Acrylic Photo Blocks are such a cool way to have your photos mounted. Crafted from Grade ‘A’ Acrylic, these 1” thick glossy, smooth surface blocks show your photos in stunning detail. The hand polished edges give an extra touch of elegance and refinement that makes this a great gift for yourself or family.


Like the idea of the acrylic block but want to still display it on a wall? Try the Acrylic print! These stunning acrylic prints that will transform your favorite photos into spectacular works of art! With its glossy smooth surface and vibrant colors, your images will burst into life like never before. Made with ¼" thick Grade “A” acrylic and hand-polished crystal edges, these prints are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. Elevate your home or office with acrylic prints that will surely leave a lasting impression.


No matter which method you choose, get creative! Filling your walls with a lifetime of memories is one of the most special, most visual ways to tell the story of your family—so get hanging!

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