Though not a requirement, I strongly encourage using a professional printing company for all your printing needs.

Way to often I see beautiful professional photos being printed at quick and easy 1-hour shops with horrifying results. So where is the problem? It it your computer screen or the printer? 

If your photographer knows what he or she is doing, and this photographer does, then it's the printers fault, often adding too much yellow, magenta (pinks and reds), or cyan (blue and green) undertones.

When using a professional printing company they know what they're doing and will make sure what is seen on the screen is the product you get. Additionally, many professional printing companies have more sizing, paper, and printing options to enhance the quality and longevity of your print (meaning they won't fade as quickly if at all through the years).

I use Miller Labs who "uses cutting-edge equipment, print on the world's finest photographic paper, and offer an array of beautiful surface modifications and mounting options. Plus, their team of experienced color technicians provide superb color management so that each and every print looks picture perfect."
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Canvas printing available upon request. Additional fees will apply.

Each package include a specific number of digitals however I typically edit more so that you may choose your favorites. If you decide you just can't decide, each additional images is $25 with a 10% discount offered if all additional photos are purchased.